Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) will lead the nation in building public will to ensure safety, permanence and well-being of children, youth and families by ensuring advancing public policy, defining and promoting practice excellence and delivering superior service parameters and Projects.The children (boys & girls) who may have suffered due to terrorism or violence, abuse, neglect, family disruption or a range of other factors that jeopardize their safety, permanence or well-being. KFT also focuses on jeopardize their safety, permanence or well-being. KFT also focuses on the families, caregiver and the community that is cared for and support these children.

“Educators for Social Responsibilities (ESR) program will help educators to create safe, caring, respectful and productive learning environments. KFT also have designed a program to help educators work with young people to develop social skills, emotional competencies and qualities of character they need to succeed in school and become contributing members of their communities. To manage the ESR Program an active Committee has been set that is comprised of volunteers having vast experience of counseling related to youth and society issues.

Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children Entertainments (TRUCE)” is a program for children. KFT shares a concern about how children’s entertainment and toys affect behavior and learning. TRUCE will produce written material and conduct some other healthy activities for the mental refinement of our future generation.

“Nonviolence in the Lives of Children Project (NLCP)” is an internship program that would address the need for teacher training in issues of violence in the lives of children. By initiating NLCP, KFT undertakes to advocate and facilitate peace and non-violence through outreach and education by taking personal responsibility to assume leadership roles in our professions and communities in order to advance and equitable and safe world for our children, their children and their children’s children and encouraging others to do the same.

Are you ready to be spokesman for Children?

Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) is initiating a program titled “Be Hero in the eyes of Children”. This program will pair humanitarian athletes and entertainers with a selected group of leading national sports and showbiz celebrities to help in raising awareness of and generate funds for a variety of children’s issues.

These celebrities will serve as Kids Ambassadors for the charities and through this unique and dynamic program will leverage their high profile status to become a powerful voice for violence affected children celebrating their accomplishments, strengthening future resources and promoting a healthy and safe environment for all the children. KFT ambassadors can choose as active a role as they would like, supporting causes about which they feel most passionate.

KFT Kids Ambassadors will focus on meeting the need of children in several key interest areas.

A variety of sports events and competitions among varying age groups of the kids community are being held on different special occasions.

We have planned to conduct and organize Pakistan’s First ever children Olympics entitled “KID’S REGATTA” in December every year at any suitable city of Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Board and Ministries of Sports and Education.
This mega event will be one of the largest sports galas for under-14 children and it is expected that a large number of children from all over Pakistan will participate in this Regatta and represent their respected institution. KFT Kid’s Flag shall be raised during this event and kids by themselves ask the world community to stop abhorrence and choose love to deal with mutual conflicts.

This program has been designed to promote positive competency and development of Kid’s co-curriculum activities in a more friendly environment. A series of different literary contests and competitions has been launched among children and youth on a national scale.