"Let's help improve the lives of millions of children in Pakistan as if our impact must be felt worldwide".

Kids Foundation Trust [KFT] shall be a national membership organization, its mission is to, set internationally recognized standards for child welfare practice, propose national public policy initiatives, publish innovative child welfare materials, and provide consultation, training and technical assistance to public and private child welfare organizations. Program and policy initiatives focus on such child, youth, and family issues as young parents, and parenting, adoption, AIDS, behavioral health, child abuse and neglect, child poverty, cultural responsiveness, child day care, developmental disabilities, family foster care, family preservation, homelessness, juvenile justice, kinship care, and residential group care. KFT also emphasize the importance of research. KFT shall be the premier national child welfare organization that would provide confine with a challenging educational experience.

Our expertise, leadership and innovation on policies, programs, and practices rendered to help improve the lives of millions of children in Pakistan and our impact must be felt worldwide.


Membership Categories


Membership in this organization is voluntary and shall be open to any eligible person interested in furthering the purposes of KFT. Membership shall be open to all eligible persons without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, marital status, national origin, religion, or physical disability if:

  • He/She is sound minded and has good moral character.
  • He/She agrees to abide by all rules and regulations of KFT.
  • He/She has deposited prescribed fee for his/her desired and eligible Membership Category.
  • He/She shall be governed by and abide by the KFT Bylaws and all policies, procedures, rules and directives lawfully made hereunder.
  • He/She shall pay the required KFT membership dues and in the event that a member resigns, membership dues shall not be refunded.
  • KFT shall terminate any membership upon the member’s resignation, failure to pay dues or expulsion from membership for just cause.

Membership Procedure

  • Any person may apply for Membership on the prescribed form to the Chairman KFT.
  • After due scrutiny and satisfaction Membership Committee may grant Membership.
  • Membership Committee has the power to reject any Membership Application, if there is any objection, in writing thereto copy of which shall also be forwarded to the Applicant.
  • The decision of Chairman KFT shall be final, conclusive and cannot be challenged in any court of law.


KFT aim shall be to set standards for best practices in child welfare fields and become widely recognized by the Government of Pakistan, United Nations, and SAARC, prestigious universities, child advocates and most prominent providers of child welfare services around the globe. Thus, we wish and offer this valuable platform to the people having a strong will for the betterment, cultivation and grafting of our children community for their considerable recommendations. CEC will decide to offer or refuse this membership. 

Life Membership

This category is designed for Life Members. The Life Membership shall be offered to those dignitaries and celebrates who has done wonders in any field of national interest. Any sort of Donation shall be acceptable from Life Members.


This membership is only for the people related to education department. Teaching and the clerical staff are the concerned choice for this category. 

General Membership

Anyone and everyone desirous to shell-out his/her talent and resource in betterment and cultivation of the parent-rich community development can apply for this Membership. There is no specified fee or limit for this category. Yet, we strongly believe that each General Member will contribute what so ever he/she can as a token of sympathy. 


To gain an overall momentum and mass attraction KFT has a rapid and result oriented policy that is producing desired results. We have more than 400 Member Schools in almost every district of Punjab province and many more are interested and ready to play an active and alive role in creating parenting-rich communities across Pakistan. Member Schools also contributing financially in shape of paying monetary bills and donations.  

Student Membership

All Under-14 students of all standards can apply for this membership. This renewable Membership is valid for one year.


Every organization needs manpower and charity demands social workers. The people who has capability and mindset to help others in any case and all the times are always welcomed and honored at any organization. At KFT we are lucky and humbly thankful to those thousands of youth and aged who fed us with energy and charisma. Importantly, anyone and everyone can apply to become a Volunteer only by abiding by the rules and regulations of KFT.

Membership features

Cancellation of Membership

 He/She violates any rule, procedure or by the laws of KFT.

  1. He/She involves or accomplices, any subversive activity which is not permitted under the law of Pakistan.
  2. He/She does or tries to do any act which proves to be contradictory to the Aim & Objectives of KFT.
  3. He/She fails to attend KFT General Body Meeting for three months consecutively or more without any reasonable approved justification.
  4. He/She passes away or has resigned him/herself or do not make any contact or participate in the activities of the Trust for more than three consecutive months.
  5. He/She fails to pay the dues for one (01) month shall be delinquent and their names removed from the official membership list of KFT. A delinquent member may be reinstated by payment in full of all unpaid dues for KFT.
  6. Upon termination of membership in KFT, the member shall forfeit any and all rights and privileges of membership.
  7. The membership database and listings may not be used for commercial purposes and may be used only for non-profit purposes directly related to the activities of the KFT consistent with KFT policies.

Restoration of Membership

He/She clarifies his/her position to the satisfaction of concerned authority due to which his/her Membership was terminated.

  1. He/She has to submit an affidavit that in future, he/she will not violate any rule of KFT which may lead to such situation which may result in termination of his/her Membership.

Membership Benefits

At Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) our highest mission shall be to ensure well-being of children and families. We have to advocate the advancement of public policy, set and promote standards for best practice and deliver better-quality membership services to all Members and Society.

Overview of Benefits

“The cliché that there is strength in numbers has never been truer, nor has the need for that strength been greater. KFT is working with its members on a daily basis to make children a national preference. Each and every membership in the Kids Foundation Trust is decisive on multiple levels, extending beyond the self and into the lives of many”.

A member can support a range of services at regional and national levels that may or may not impact anyone every day. But beyond any doubt, a membership dramatically impacts children in our community and quality of their lives. A member’s contribution to the kids’ welfare movement on their behalf is both a compelling responsibility and a privilege for everyone to share the responsibility. Through our Lahore based head office, Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) is willing to use member’s leadership, input, and support to affect policy and practice throughout Punjab, Pakistan and around the world. Through our regional offices, we look at the vital agendas for children at loacal and provincial levels. KFT and its strong membership make smile and comfort to the neglected, abused or terrorism affected children and their families, and the community at large.

Making Children a National Preference with Memberships and contributions, we will!

Benefits Hours

All members of KFT may receive 6 hours of consultation/training time from KFT staff consultants per month. For the cost of travel expenses, members may take advantage of this continues valuable benefit all the time.

Conferences for Professional Development

KFT conferences will provide an excellent opportunity for learning about best practice approaches and outcomes, the latest research, organizational leadership, and advocacy.

Public Policy Updates

Receiving legislative updates from KFT is rated a top benefit by members.

provided as a member benefit, voluntary, nonprofit members of KFT receives a 30% discount on purchases consultation services (Home Tuition, psychotherapy etc.).

Employment / Posting

KFT members may post or seek job opportunities on our member’s only website.

Grant station Insider

KFT members will receive a weekly e-newsletter, highlighting grant/admission, scholarship opportunities across the world.

Purchased Consultation Discount

In addition to 6 hours a Month consultation provided as a member benefit, voluntary, nonprofit members of KFT receives a 30% discount on purchases consultation services (Home Tuition, psychotherapy etc.).