At present, being a front-line partner in “War on Terror” Pakistan is in a state of doom sinister and apprehensions. The loss of thousands of lives, immeasurable destruction of precious assets in suicide bombing attacks is intensifying the sense of peril, making life more and more miserable, misty and causing a continues downfall in business and commerce sectors. Moreover, anchoring to a rapid increase in unemployment and exterminating Pakistani community on a regular velocity. Consequently, the whole nation is in a nuisance. Unfortunately, a large number of terror victims still haven’t covered enough to feel remunerated or secure for their future due to insufficient support of international communities. A large number of innocent youth (boys & girls) and infantile kids those left in blues, espoused by different NGOs working in Pakistan. The state mechanism is doing its level best to protect terror affected families, but the increasing toll of pretentious families is making these efforts quite complicated and drawn-out. On the other hand, an out-sized number of unaided terrorizing affected children is being confined by those callous groups which are the main culprits in creating contemporary shameful circumstances. Afterwards, these innocent kids are being brainwashed, trained and utilized as suicide bombers. This abysmal practice that is taking place on a regular basis needed to be dealt with care and concern. Operation “Zarb-e-Azab” is indeed a tremendous step to challenge and crush those callous people who have no reason to behave brutally and kill innocent peoples for just the sake of their own philosophy of so called Jihad. Ghostly floods on a regular basis in the current decade are also making life miserable and despondent. According to an unofficial survey more than 6.5 million children per annum are direct victims of these floods in Pakistan. Child labor and other child abuse issues are also on a very high in Pakistan. Therefore, Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) is on the move to cater this dismal situation and assist the efforts of Pakistan Government in protecting these affected children. KFT undertake to provide shelter, food, education, entertainment and a sense of safety and security for those children who have been slumped into the blacks and blues.​

about us


The idea of Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) stems from its founder, Hafeez lqbal Sahir (Seyyed Hafeez Hashmi). He believes: “the evolution and growth of a nation is completely depends on the fostering, grafting and upbringing of its children in precise and supreme manners. Without adopting such caring and curing methods no nation can I even survive for a longer cover of time”. Thus, a team of supporters furnished this idea and found this charity Trust to provide moral, monetary, ethical and social reimbursement for the children and families on a wide horizon. Consequently, after traveling on a long and thorny path of planning and research process the idea was initiated on August 11, 2009 from Lahore.

the IDEA


It is estimated that more than 6.5 million children in Pakistan are the direct victims of child labor, abuse, neglect and terrorism. More than 5 million children are directly affected by ghostly flood & thunderstorms and suffering shoddily. An estimated 300 million children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse, including the worst forms of child labor in communities, schools and institutions; during armed conflict; and to harmful practices such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage. Millions more, not yet victims, also remain without adequate protection. Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their rights to survival, growth and development. Thus, we have and amid to create awareness and a sense of responsibility in our communities to contribute generously and heartily for the betterment of future generations. 


our approach

KFT is clear and straight in nature, but our approach to help the community is futuristic rather a new methodology to regroup the community against modern-day threats and disasters such as illiteracy, pollution, terrorism, violence and other dire acts of disgrace and social disorder.


Establishment of Kids Foundation is a stair in the child’s welfare direction. It is the primary goal of KFT to redress the grievances of helpless & constrained children and supports the needy families, in short, to help and provide the service to humanity by making efforts in developing parenting-rich communities across Pakistan.


Our focus

Our vision is that every child will grow up in a safe, loving, and stable family. Our focus is children and youth who may have suffered due to terrorism, abuse, neglect, family disruption, or a range of other factors that jeopardize their safety, permanence, or well-being. KFT also focuses on the families, caregivers, and the community that care for and support these children.

Mission Statement

KFT will lead the nation in building public will to ensure safety, permanence and well-being of children, youth and their families by advancing public policy, defining and promoting practice excellence and delivering superior membership services.


demands of the clock

To provide education and technical/vocational training to the children affected by any sort of violence;

Make arrangements for the rehabilitation and efforts to make available facilities provided by the Government to these innocent children;

To establish educational institutions, libraries, shelter home for neglected and abused kids;

To arrange seminars and workshops on the problems of children;

To arrange special surveys on the violence affected children and try to solve their problems with the help of Government and the society;

To undertake all those tasks may be related to the development and growth of intellectual eyes in the child community.


The Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) shall meet all legal requirements in the jurisdiction(s) in which the Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) conducts activities are registered.



working norms

Provide food, shelter and education to the violence affected children;

Ensure the rehabilitation arrangements for the eligible children;

Establish educational Institutions, libraries, IT centers and shelter homes for eligible children;

Arrange medical treatment and provide medicine to the poor children;

Arrange and conduct seminars, lectures and workshops on problems of children;

Arrange special surveys on children’s issues and try to solve these problems with the help of community and the Government;

Ascertain violence affected children in a safe custody of caring hands;

Undertake all those tasks that may be related to the development and growth of intellectual eyes in the poor and violence affected children;

Make all end efforts to make every child a national concern;

Create opportunities for children to enjoy their very own social, cultural and competitive activities such as sports and cultural galas, virtual literacy contests, creative and performing arts competitions etc.

Educate and equip our children with knowledge and develop a sense of responsibility for community development.



To raise and collect funds for KFT from any person, association, organization, firm, company, body and entity, etc.;

And utilize them in a manner as may be considered desirable for achieving the aims and objects KFT including, without limitation, for expenditure and investment purposes, etc.;

To deposit the funds and money raised and collected by Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) from any person, association, organization, firm, company, body and entity, etc. in the scheduled bank(s) and maintain and operate the account(s) opened for the said purpose;

To do all such acts, performs such functions and engage in such activities as are geared towards the advancement of the objectives of Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) any manner whatsoever;

To generally do all such acts and things as may appear to Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) convenient for and/or incidental, supplemental or consequential to carrying out of its purposes, aims, objects & functioning.


KFT regularity policies must be outlined clearly, either it is for KFT Kid’s Country Boarding Complex or for Parenting-rich community Development Project’s internal or external management, auditing or financial compliances etc. these policies may be formed time to time and may be announced publicly. Factors like social compliance, human rights will take priority in every policy.


voice of vision

Work as to make Kids Foundation Trust (KFT) the leading voice for children in Pakistan. KFT policy analysts will work with Government Representatives, national children organizations and advocates with a goal to press on an evolving legislative agenda to provide safeguards for the children and youth and provide them safe and sound future and peaceful environment—the motive shall be to become a voice of vision of every Pakistani child, parents and caregivers. KFT’s regional offices shall be found to provide local access to KFT services. Each office shall be staffed by experts in child and family services, and dedicated to customer service. Membership services staff works collaboratively with KFT members to respond to regional needs such as training and networking opportunities or convening policy, organizational and leadership development forums. The Regional offices shall be established in major cities of Pakistan.


social responsibility

KFT regularity policies must be outlined clearly, either it is for KFT Kid’s Country Boarding Complex or for Parenting-rich community Development Project’s internal or external management, auditing or financial compliances etc. these policies may be formed time to time and may be announced publicly. Factors like social compliance, human rights will take priority in every policy.


Local Authorities & Local Supporters

Celebrities & Dignitaries 

Sponsorship (Events & Projects)


policy initiatives

Kids Foundation Trust [KFT] shall be a national membership organization, its mission is to, set internationally recognized standards for child welfare practice, propose national public policy initiatives, publish innovative child welfare materials, and provide consultation, training and technical assistance to public and private child welfare organizations. Program and policy initiatives focus on such child, youth, and family issues as young parents, and parenting, adoption, AIDS, behavioral health, child abuse and neglect, child poverty, cultural responsiveness, child day care, developmental disabilities, family foster care, family preservation, homelessness, juvenile justice, kinship care, and residential group care. KFT also emphasize the importance of research. KFT shall be the premier national child welfare organization that would provide confine with a challenging educational experience.

Our expertise, leadership and innovation on policies, programs, and practices rendered to help improve the lives of millions of children in Pakistan and our impact must be felt worldwide.